couplet assignments

  1. how many couplets can each nurse take? is the number different on days and nights? Does your couplet nurse attend deliveries to recieve newborn?
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  3. by   MercyAngels
    What a loaded question!!!! To be honest, it depends on your charge nurse; it could be anywhere from one couplet and a labor pt, to up to 5 couplets! Although we're supposed to be a LDRP, it's still the division of L&D nurses, and postpartum nurses; we have some nurses who have done PP for years, and refuse to do L&D...which can make it rough sometimes!!! Also, where I work LPN's cannot take laboring pts. I feel that there is a difference between days and nights; how big a difference, again depends on your charge nurse. If charge nurse has her "clique" and you're not in it, then watch out!!!!!