"Baby friendly" (non-formula company) nursery log books?

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    In my hospital's quest to obtain "baby friendly" status, we have been told that we can no longer use our Similac or Enfamil log books in the nursery. We use these as a resource not only for the nursery and Mom-Baby staff but also for the pediatricians, RTs, NNPs, etc. and need to find some sort of replacement. Has anyone gone through this process and/or have another system to have newborn's info readily visible and available?
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    Try looking up the list of BFI hospitals in North America--often times you can look up their mat/child liaise person and ask how they did it!! The woman who spearheaded BFI at my old hospital was always fielding questions from other hospitals that were trying to complete their process
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    We're having this same issue at my hospital... are you in Colo Springs too??

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