What courses available after BSN? What courses available after BSN? | allnurses

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What courses available after BSN?

  1. 0 I will be graduating with BSN nursing in Brunei by the year 2013. I want to further my studies again but this time i want it in the UK. My spouse is currently working there so its good at the same times as i will be staying with him there and settle.

    Are there any courses to recommend me in order to further my studies after my BSN?
    I would like to study straightaway instead of hunting for a job at the moment.
    If there are any short courses to enhance my nursing practice would be fine as well.
    Im interested in specialties like : oncology, cardiac and midwifery.
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    hellow dear,
    if u like u can take hematology or anesthesia.
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    depends what you plan on doing with your study and how you plan to use it later. No good doing a course if your home country doesn't accept it