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  1. 0 Hi,
    This is my first post! I need a bit of help. I have an interview at the end of the week for a Band 6 post and have to do a 10 minute presentation. The topic is 'What the role of the Senior Staff Nurse is?'
    In all my career I have never done a presentation for an interview so am very nervous but want it obviously to go well.
    Please help!

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    Moeved to our Nursing in the United Kingdom for best chance of advice.
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    I am guessing this is a bit of a delayed reply and that your interview has been and gone! How did you do? I am currently struggling with forming a presentation for a job interview next week also! Again like you, I have never had to present anything in an interview before, perhaps this is the new common technique! I am just researching and researching and the advice I would give is rehearse before you go in. I hope it all went well!

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