hospital or district nursing for grad year? hospital or district nursing for grad year? | allnurses

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hospital or district nursing for grad year?

  1. 0 [color=#6a6a6a]hello everyone, i need to put my prederences in 4 weeks for my grad year program. i really love community nursing and want to put rdns as my first preference, then hospital for my second preference. i talked to other nurses about which is better and i got mixed advices, few of them said i need to do grad year in a hospital to consolidate my acute skills first, but the others told me rnds is pretty good, you still get alot of acute skills plus you get a lot of education and training. i also love mental health and one day i might work in the mental health sector, maybe in a community as well such a apatt.. i am soooo confused, if anyone can give me advice it will be a great help for me thank you!!