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  1. Study Tips!

    Study Tips!

    Tip provided by albertme Sep 25

    To start off, everyone studies differently! My favorite way to study is recording lectures and listening to them again right after class and write down any missed... Read More...

  2. My Study Tips

    My Study Tips

    Tip provided by PrnAdnST Sep 23

    I use flashcards, but only one side of the card. On the cards I write: Disease Pathology or Etiology Signs & symptoms Diagnostic & lab tests Medications ... Read More...

  3. Prioritizing is the Key!

    Prioritizing is the Key!

    Tip provided by Vbstuckey Sep 23

    Use NCLEX "style" questions that apply to the concept you are studying. Get review books, use google, and use textbook resources (most textbooks have study... Read More...

  4. THINK about your subject...

    THINK about your subject...

    Tip provided by Pintabean Sep 20

    1. THINK about the subject as a whole; understand what it is trying to teach you in a nutshell. 2. Break down the material into subcomponents. 3. Take notes,... Read More...

  5. Give your brain a kick in the ***

    Give your brain a kick in the ***

    Tip provided by Rocketskates Sep 19

    Fast tempo music playing in the background, like jazz, helps me stay wound up so I don't doze off. Songs without words help because they're less likely to distract... Read More...

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  6. Write notes, not essays

    Write notes, not essays

    Tip provided by muggs Sep 19

    1-When reading the chapters covering the material don't copy everything word for word, outline the chapters. 2-Avoid highlighting and using your highlighted... Read More...

  7. Always ask "Why?"

    Always ask "Why?"

    Tip provided by Rocketskates Sep 19

    My memory is horrible so by focusing on the reasons why things happen the way they do, I can lean on logic for support when I'm trying to apply knowledge. For... Read More...

  8. Practical evidence based study tips.

    Practical evidence based study tips.

    Tip provided by askgail Sep 18

    1. Make sure you understand what is being asked. 2. Know yourself, and how you learn best. Some are visual learners, others can just read the information and... Read More...

  9. It's about how you study!

    It's about how you study!

    Tip provided by nursegup Sep 18

    When I was in school I always had my book open to the current topic being discussed in class. I would directly underline/highlight the important things, put... Read More...

  10. My Tips

    My Tips

    Tip provided by Roz, RN Sep 7

    Pray. A lot! And, find a non nursing friend to study with. Fellow nursing students know where you're going with a thought and may give you credit for what you... Read More...

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  11. Three Words:

    Three Words:

    Tip provided by Akay1717 Sep 17

    YouTube videos, Quizlet, & Practice questions!

  12. Brick by Brick

    Brick by Brick

    Tip provided by Akay1717 Sep 17

    "A house is built through wisdom. It is established through understanding. Knowledge is what fills the room with rare & beautiful treasures." Proverbs 24:3-4 ... Read More...

  13. How to enrich practice based knowledge.

    How to enrich practice based knowledge.

    Tip provided by rahmanrnc Sep 15

    Every nursing students need to acquire practice based knowledge so that it will be easy and long lasting in our memory. Students can be more practical bye applying... Read More...

  14. Nursing School Study Tips

    Nursing School Study Tips

    Tip provided by acap2017 Sep 14

    -Analyze and assess what types of questions your professor likes to ask on exams and/ or in class, and guide your studies accordingly. -Focus your studies in... Read More...

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  15. Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking

    Tip provided by Chrissygraduatenurse Sep 14

    Always ask yourself this question when learning about new diseases/conditions. How am I going to care for this person? This helps you read more in depth about the... Read More...