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  1. Nursing Care Plan for CVA

    Nursing Care Plan for CVA

    Tip provided by Daytonite Jan 3, '10

    aphasia is the inability to speak. aphagia is a problem with swallowing. this patient does not have a swallowing problem, so your diagnoses of impaired... Read More...

  2. Dimensional Analysis

    Dimensional Analysis

    Tip provided by Daytonite Dec 15, '09

    da is also called factor labeling. it is manipulating the terms of the equation you set up to end up with a specific final result. in this problem you know you... Read More...

  3. Nursing Care Plan for Bilat DVTs

    Nursing Care Plan for Bilat DVTs

    Tip provided by Daytonite Oct 15, '08

    Dagnosing requires a logical approach to problem solving that involves analysis. in other words, we must systematically break down the information obtained from a... Read More...

  4. Care Plan - Bowel Resection

    Care Plan - Bowel Resection

    Tip provided by Daytonite Feb 16, '08

    You have to do a thorough assessment before you can start picking nursing diagnoses. when a patient has had a bowel resection part of their bowel has been removed.... Read More...