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  1. How would you manage this patient?

    How would you manage this patient?

    Tip provided by Butterfly_Light Sep 23, '15

    Dennis is a 21 year old male, who has a past history of asthma. His asthma is normally well controlled and he is otherwise well. Dennis has been in hospital a... Read More...

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  2. Kickin' it Back, Old School

    Kickin' it Back, Old School

    Tip provided by jadelpn Sep 14, '15

    Each class should have for it a textbook, a highlighter, a pen, pencil and notebook. Index cards can come later during homework. When studying, look at the... Read More...

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  3. Always Revise!

    Always Revise!

    Tip provided by chunkpun Sep 22, '15

    Always revise the topics which you studied or were taught at school. Ask yourself questions. Revision can be done any time, according to your own pace, and as long... Read More...

  4. From the Online Educated Nurse

    From the Online Educated Nurse

    Tip provided by traumaRUs Sep 14, '15

    I've done a BSN, MSN and two post-MSN degrees either fully online or a hybrid online/classroom format and this is what I've learned: 1. Find out from the school... Read More...

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  5. Be flexible!

    Be flexible!

    Tip provided by la_chica_suerte85 Sep 16, '15

    What you did for A&P and micro and the TEAS may not always work for each class once you get into nursing school. Once you find what works, stick with it and be... Read More...

  6. Study Tips!!

    Study Tips!!

    Tip provided by anp0012 Sep 14, '15

    DON'T PROCRASTINATE!! Create a study schedule and stick to it! It's very important to actually understand what you're learning rather than just memorize. Things... Read More...

  7. Repetition is Your Friend

    Repetition is Your Friend

    Tip provided by RNBillieBSN Sep 14, '15

    Take the best notes you can in class. Try to jot down the most important information. Memory will fill in the blanks. Record your notes into a tape recorder. Play... Read More...

  8. Study Tips For Students

    Study Tips For Students

    Tip provided by joanna73 Sep 13, '15

    Hi Everyone I am currently mentoring a fourth year nursing student in her leadership course. In addition to the student, I hire and mentor LPNs on my unit. Quite... Read More...

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  9. Method of the Madness

    Method of the Madness

    Tip provided by ArlyleRN Sep 13, '15

    1. Get ahead and stay ahead Hit the books early and often. 2. School must be your priority Television, friends and family will have to wait. This is for YOU.... Read More...

  10. 15 of My Favorite Study Tips

    15 of My Favorite Study Tips

    Tip provided by Nurse Beth Sep 13, '15

    Here are some of my best study tips. I hope one or two of my tips helps one or two students. 1) Use multiple studying methods, and above all, study weeks ahead,... Read More...

  11. Study Tips:  Distractions

    Study Tips: Distractions

    Tip provided by sirI Sep 13, '15

    Everyone has his or her own way to study. I finally was able to pinpoint the distractions that negatively impacted my ability to properly focus and study. In... Read More...

  12. My study tips: Time Management

    My study tips: Time Management

    Tip provided by Silverdragon102 Sep 13, '15

    Although I am not one of the greatest students when I do make the effort to study I do have a few tips that I try to follow so I am not rushing at the end to meet... Read More...

  13. Daytonite: Provides expert advice to students and those considering nursing career

    Daytonite: Provides expert advice to students and those considering nursing career

    Tip provided by NRSKarenRN May 29, '07

    community spotlight: daytonite are you considering a career in nursing or a student nurse with questions about course material, nursing procedure or care plan?... Read More...

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  14. Urosepsis Care Plan

    Urosepsis Care Plan

    Tip provided by Daytonite Feb 24, '10

    Urosepsis, care plan: step 1 assessment dark yellow, odorous urine pale dry skin poor skin turgor dry mucous membranes refusing liquids Read More...

  15. Nursing Diagnoses Prioritization

    Nursing Diagnoses Prioritization

    Tip provided by Daytonite Feb 20, '10

    A "risk for" diagnosis almost never is sequenced first because it is not an actual problem. actual problems are always sequenced before potential problems. ... Read More...