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  1. 0 Curious.... When measuring wounds, is it height x width or the other way?
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    It’s important to be consistent every time you measure. I was taught that the most common type of measurement is linear measurement, also known as the “clock” method. You measure the longest length, greatest width, and greatest depth of the wound, using the body as the face of an imaginary clock. Document the longest length using the face of the clock over the wound bed, and then measure the greatest width. On the feet, the heels are always at 12 o’clock and the toes are always 6 o’clock. Document all measurements in centimeters, as L x W x D.
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    It doesn't really matter IF you remember you can never go wrong if you specify the dimensions. If you say 2cm x 3cm x 5cm, you leave a question open as to what you were measuring. If you say 2cmW x 3cmL x 5cmD, no one will mistake what you mean. It's not overcommunication if you've made it so clear that no one can misunderstand it.
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    Thank you both very much