Whats the abc/maslow top priority here?

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    Trying to determine what the top priority is,,
    ineffective breathing pattern, or ineffective airway clearance?

    I assume that impaired gas exchange would be third whichever one is first.
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    1. AIRWAY
    3. Circulation.

    The nursing diagnoses you listed contain the exact words from the ABC's. So which one is the top priority?
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    Abc's you have to have an effective airway clearance before worrying about an effective breathing pattern, does that make sense?
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    1. AIRWAY
    3. Circulation.

    If you don't have a patent airway...they won't be breathing for long.
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    As stated above and from an emergency perspective:

    1. Airway
    2. Airway
    3. Airway

    Nothing else matters without a patent airway. When choosing your nursing dx, start with what's going to kill the patient first and work your way down.
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