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What is harder A&P or Micro?

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    I have 3 quarters left to finish my prereqs. I still have to take A&P I & II, Microbiology and English100. So I'll be taking one science for each quarter and I need to decide which quarter to take English100. So which science course would you say is the easiest?? Thanks!
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    I loved A&p 1&2 ..micro def harder in my opinion, but flash cards seemed to work well for me1 Best of luck!
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    I thought A&P were definitely harder. I didn't even buy the book in Micro and I passed with a B. This is probably going to be difference of opinion! English 101 is probably going to be really easy so I'd say it wouldn't matter which science course you decided to pair it with.
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    Okay, well, I may be the minority who thinks the composition classes were way more challenging than any other class I have taken [including nursing classes] so far. Even though I received A's in all my comp. courses, I absolutely found no joy during the process of writing, but, I found great joy when I completed every assignment knowing I did my very best.
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    B in micro (test out) after a week of browsing the textbook. A in A&P 1 & 2 (6 credit test out) after WEEKS of really digging in so..... My vote is for A&P just due to the sheer volume and depth of material.
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    Micro seemed a lot more detail oriented and those details required a lot of explanation on exams. Though I loved micro and playing with bacteria, the tests were really difficult. Still got an A but found it more difficult than the A&P. I had more trouble with a research writing class that I had to take than any of the sciences.
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    A & P is mostly memorization, not Micro.
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    It really depends on what grabs your interests. Personally, I like body systems and the bigger picture, not things on a cellular level. For me, Micro was harder. I had A&P I & II, then Micro. I'll say this, Micro lab was fun. We were able to grow things such as pseudomonas and e.coli...but that was the only part I truly enjoyed. I did finish the course with a high B, but I'm very glad to have it out of the way.
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    microbiology is most definitely the hardest.
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    I think A&P is much harder.

    A&P requires much more time investment than a general Microbiology class. You will spend hours upon hours learning new vocabulary and intricate details of the complicated human body.

    Microbiology has a focus on prokaryotes which are the most basic organisms. There is a substantially less amount of detail involved because of this and in my opinion it made it easier.
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    EN101 gets my vote as the hardest (I am guessing its = EN100), I just found it to be so boring and repetitive. However A&P is more memorization where Micro is more understanding, at any rate taking only one or two courses per quarter should leave you with little to worry about, just get english in where you can.
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    Micro was a walk in the park for me. I didn't even purchase a textbook; I went by my notes only. I breezed through with an A.

    A&P, on the other hand, required me to record every lecture and then write it out longhand afterwards to instill it all in my memory. We had a very difficult professor and half of our class dropped out or failed by mid-term. If I hadn't wrote out the lectures and reviewed them afterwards, I would have missed exam questions because he tested over things he mentioned in class that weren't in the text. It was way more work, IMO.
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    This question is pointless, if your professors have at least half a brain, they will make both classes difficult. Your blood, sweat, and tears will pay off in the end. Take my advice, pick the hard professors, do not take the ones you see on RateMyProfessors that are easy. You will pay for it in nursing school, when the students who took the easy professors flunk out.

    It's all about the professor, they can either make or break the class!

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