Websites for Studying Pharmacology and Pathophysiology

  1. 0 I would like to start a list of pharm and patho sites for studying. Sites with interactive learning like videos, tests, learning games, visuals, etc would be great. So if you know of any please list them.
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    I would love the same information!! I hope someone can reply with some good info soon!
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    Pharm Site:

    Programs available
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    I know that I sometimes google info...on I have found some good flash cards others have made over anything...from pharmacology to sometimes have to really dig around the site to find good cards but all in all i think it has helped me. Also, all the nursing books usually come with CD's and these help tremedously. Prep-U has a good program but I think you have to purchase it, we started using it in our class and it gives good feedback. Hope this helps!
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