videos NG and foley(s) inserts, starting an IV...

  1. i can find them on YOUTUBE, but i have no idea what is wrong/right, being that i have only seen it ONCE. and i am expected to perfect this during clinicals... admins, moderators, instructors etc... any help is appreciate it. i am seriously contemplating on practicing on myself... ha~!
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  3. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    You're gonna drop an NG on yourself? I don't even like doing them on other people.

    The person(s) you should be asking these questions of are your instructors since they're the ones who will be evaluating your performance.

    We had to buy skills videos but you should have the procedures outlined in your skills book... just validate the videos with that.
  4. by   KelRN215
    You are not expected to perfect these skills, you are expected to learn them. In nursing school, I placed ONE NG tube, ONE Foley and ZERO IVs. Do you have a skills lab? That was a component of my first clinical when I was in school. You practice these skills on dummies and get graded on your technique/competency. Certain things- like assessment skills you can practice on fellow students but most invasive procedures were on a dummy. We did give each other IM saline injections but no IVs and certainly no NGs and no Foleys. Do NOT attempt to practice on yourself... especially not by watching a video on youtube. Where would you even get the supplies for that?
  5. by   dah doh
    You should have a procedure how to area in your nursing books. You may have skills lab at your school as well. In my Nursing school clinicals, I attempted 3 IV's but only was successful once, did no foleys or ngt. I learned IV starting from an IV nurse at our hospital because I made friends with her and she gave me wonderful tips (my preceptor actually stunk at it). I learned ng insertion in 1 night when my confused patient pulled out her ng out at least 6 times that night and I put it back in every time. My point is that you will learn most of these procedures on the job if you don't get the chance to do them in school. You will still need to look up the policy/procedure prior to doing it anyways. But if a chance of doing or observing a procedure comes your way in school, take it.
  6. by   ADAngel
    Do you have access to ATI? If so, there are skills modules about foley insertion and NG insertion. If not, go to your skills lab and have a lab tech assist you.
  7. by   Preemie 2 RN
    This is the skills videos we are suggested to watch for our skills lab

    Taylor's Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills