1. [FONT=Calibri][COLOR=#000000]Ok I will probably get blasted for this. I am doing a practicum and am an introvert(it really stinks sometimes but I am not going to change after 50 years). My preceptor calls me up today basicallysaying I don't ask enough questions and seem not interested. In theory she is right on I don't ask enoughquestions. In fact, it was questioned whether I was justdoing this because I felt I had too. Imay have an opportunity but pay wise it might not be good and hours could belong as it could involve setting up the health room. Um I am not in it for the money and surelycould make more if I stayed long term care. I find the kids rewarding. Iknow I will have to advocate for them and isn't that what nursing entails. I am sure most of us have done so. I amjust a little frustrated as it comes at the end of the term with 2 classes leftand not midterm. I realize it is hardbeing a preceptor and they can't read my mind, but I am a little beyondirritated. Unfortunately, it takes me a little while to get comfortable in asetting but once I do, I shine. I wish Icould be the extrovert. I am seeking my certification in school nursing. I work in a school already and love the kids. I love doing what I am doing and feel I canadvocate just fine for the kids if I need too. I have been a nurse for over 22 years in long term care where doctorswere not present, working the floor by myself, and taking care of anywhere from24 to 46 residents. I have dealt withmaking decisions on having to send residents out and of course calling thedoctor to get such orders after doing a detailed assessment. I know it is different from school nursinghowever I have not had people holding my hand there neither. I know when a patient is going bad. I have had to deal with several issues atonce. It's not always slow in long termcare. I just want to vent and have beentearful all afternoon. Just keeping thefaith and I developed a list of questions for Monday. [/COLOR][/FONT]