Study guides for nursing school ?

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    Hi all!
    I am very excited to start nursing school in January! I am busy getting everything in order and I am wondering about getting some study guides. I have read many posts here about Saunder's books, planners, Davis drug guides, medication dosage books and more. So, what have all you nursing students used and found helpful? Was there anything you found that really contributed to your success, book or something else? Anything that you found made such a difference you couldn't live without it? Please share! Thanks :-)

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    "Fundamentals Success" was a great book. It's published by F. A. Davis. It really helps you to learn how to critically answer questions. Plus it has a CD with practice quizzes. I found it to be very helpful learning a new way of approaching exams.

    The more you practice critical thinking & NCLEX-style questions, the better you'll do on your exams in nursing school. It's not about memorization anymore
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    Thanks! I will check Amazon for that. I really want to be prepared, I keep hearing how tough its going to be. I can't wait!

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