Studnet needs help with an patient's ECG interpretation !

  1. i've just learned the 12 lead ecg. can anyone have a look if my interpretation is right?

    the patient has a sudden onset of shortness of breath and left sided chest pain, the pain is not exacerbated by deep breathing, coughing or movement. troponin i is 2.0mcg/l and ck-mb is 1.0mcg/l
    this is his ecg.

    the rate is 60 bmp
    r waves are the same distance, therefore this is regular.
    rhythm is constant and every p wave before qrs.
    each qrs complex is less than 3 small squares, therefore this is normal.
    pr interval is less than 0.2 sec
    therefore, the ecg is a normal sinus rhythm.

    * the ecg shows st segment elevation and elevation of cardiac markers . so there is an isachemic infract, however,i'm not sure this patient has myocardial infarction or acute pericarditis? can anyone help?

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  3. by   Richard_Head
    Big Clues: The pain is not exacerbated by deep breathing, coughing or movement
  4. by   mkblakley07
    I cannot see the image that you tried to post, but we just went over ECG strips in class last week and I remember the instructor telling us that the elevated ST = MI... And that theory is supported by the elevated troponin, correct?