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    learning to perform nursing procedures correctly and safely is imperative for nursing students. practice, persistence, and keen attention to detail are key. in learning to competently perform procedures, practice does indeed make perfect. for visual learners, watching videos can be very helpful prior to practicing the procedure. the following are some excellent free instructional resources i have come across on the web:

    nursing online video lessons
    meant for nursing assistant training, but an excellent resource for nursing students also.

    assorted nursing procedure videos
    from - great find!

    hacc nursing 103
    videos on bandaging, bedmaking, nursing skills, physical assessment, positioning, iv therapy, medication administration, ng tubes

    hacc nursing 205
    ng tubes, wound packing

    nursing videos from university of manitoba
    excellent resources!

    instructional video clips for nursing students by a nursing instructor

    nursing procedure videos from the us army:
    nursing fundamentals – i videos
    nursing fundamentals – ii videos
    nursing care of the surgical patient videos
    im, subq, and intradermal injections
    scrub, gown, and glove procedures
    obstetric and newborn care
    obstetric and newborn care - ii

    clinical skills videos
    clinical skills videos for medical students. of interest to nurses will be the venipuncture, urethral catheterization and ng tube insertion videos, but there are others as well that are done by physicians that might interest you. there are also videos of physical exam techniques. the videos can be downloaded to palm pdas.

    colostomy/ ostomy care:
    hollister instructional video modules – excellent resource!
    living with an ostomy video
    preparing the patient for colostomy care – a lesson well-learned

    hydrogels, hydrocolloids, foams

    wound vac:
    wound vac video
    wound vac change

    pressure ulcers:
    caring for pressure ulcers pt 1of 4
    caring for pressure ulcers pt 2 of 4
    caring for pressure ulcers pt 3 of 4
    caring for pressure ulcers pt 4 of 4
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