starting nursing school in 2 months

  1. Hello fellow nursing students of ccsf (or any other nursing school). I am starting in spring of 12. Currently I have been a pharm tech for 5 years and I was wondering what to review or prepare for in pharmacology. Do you think its as rigorous as a general pharmacology class, which would provide information about pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, interactions, prescribing, toxicology etc. Also I am relatively good at math, I have taken up to statistics and did well. I am good at conversions, but wanted to know more specifically what to prepare for. I have the Nursing fundamentals book and have been reading the first ch's given out at orientation. Do any of you, use the studyguide that can be purchase with this book? How are lecture notes given? Are we given any sort of handout for each lecture? I am just really anxious to start and I still have 2 months to go! So, in addition to spending as much time with family, friends and work before school starts I would like to start some of my own studying to get back in the mode. Any answers to my?'s, advice, tips, etc. would be helpful. Thank you, lot's of luck to all fellow nursing students. D
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