Scrub Dresses, Lamps

  1. 0 Okay here's the deal... my class is going to be graduating end of July. We are having a class meeting soon to work out the details (necessary because we won't have much time during the summer). I am trying to find decent white scrub dresses for a half-way decent price for the pinning ceremony. Having some issues with it... Would appreciate any help regarding a site that 1. has white scrub dresses; 2. has them for a decent price; and 3. would perhaps be willing to give a discount for a large order (18-20). Any ideas?

    Lamps are also going to be needed - so if you know of a site that has lamps for a really good price, that would be great! We will have been going for three terms straight with very little in the way of breaks, and I know most of us are skating on thin ice financially.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    0 style # 8011 is what my class is going for.
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    What's your definition of a "halfway decent" price? I found a couple of online sites that has them for $28.

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