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physiology or pathophysio of cesarean section

  1. 0 hello all, hope you could help me with my comprehensive nursing care plan...

    we were asked to make a diagram of the physio/pathophysio of our case...since my patient was post primary LTCS secondary to cord coil, i don't know what important details to include.

    If i start with in the world can it lead to cord coil/CS or what factors (risk/predisposing) etc...

    hope you could help. thanks so much!
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    do ur homework! read your books..
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    well, everything is pretty normal up to the part where the umbilical cord gets coiled around the baby's neck. that occurs because of fetal movement in the uterus. here are a few articles that talk about that: - umbilical cord abnormalities - umbilical cord complications

    it becomes a crisis for the baby because it affects their blood supply.
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    thanks a lot!
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    hi there..

    im kinda confused and dont know what to do, BTW can you help me how to make a pathophysiology diagram of asthma?.. i hope u could help me.