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  1. 0 I need guidance.
    For my 2 credit pharm class, we have 2 exams. A mid term and a cumulative final. I have classed as many drugs as I could and I put the typical prefix/suffix for the question is

    where could I find a categorized list of the most prescribed drugs from each class?

    I'm even helping the rest of my class by sharing my outlines. Our instructor is terrible-she's been out of teaching/nursing for quite a while

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    my teacher was the same way so i had to learn it on my own.what i found was all the classifications have a specific classic/major side effect if learn u learn what it is,after that differentiate the different between them.i know it sounds complicated but when separated its soooo much easier! hope this helps!!!
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    Quote from Buffy31
    ....where could I find a categorized list of the most prescribed drugs from each class?....
    Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses has just the information you're looking for in the front of the book. Classifications with common drugs, side effects, implications, etc etc. Good stuff.
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