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  1. 0 Why is there such a dramatic difference of infectious disease death rates in underdeveloped versus developed countries? As a RN what can YOU do to reduce the infectious disease death rate in these underdeveloped countries?
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    We are happy to help with homework but we won't do it for you......tell us what you think. What has your research shown you about the nurses role. Why do YOU think the US has dramatic differences in death rates than undeveloped countries. We will be more than happy to join in when we know what you have to say.
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    The first things that pop into my head are lack of access to treatment, lack of money to obtain treatment, and lack of access to education. Education would be the area a nurse could impact the most, IMO.
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    What do you think? What conditions increase risk for infection? What resources are found in developed countries that may not be found in undeveloped countries? What do RNs do, in terms of community health?

    What are your thoughts? As Esme12 said...The nurses on this site are not here to do your homework, nor my homework...They're here to guide us and point us students in the right direction.
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    My goodness, another member of the same class? Why this sudden spate of students with questions from the same sort of worksheet?

    We do NOT do your homework. This question requires you to think about things you have learned in school and develop an answer using them. If you have questions about things that confuse you, tell us what you know and what confuses you and we'll help steer you in the right direction...but we still won't write your paper for you.
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    This kind of information is readily available on the internet. Look up the World Health Organization.

    I have done nursing work in the developing world (Nicaragua, Belize and Tanzania). Look up the #1 disease related killer of children in developing countries vs. the #1 disease related killer of children in the US.
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    I wish my homework was that easy...But that's beside the point. What did you end up writing, OP?
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    Having not found someone to write her paper for him/her, the OP has left the building.
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