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OB/Psych Clinicals

  1. 0 [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I will be starting my OB and Psych clinicals soon and I was wondering if there is anything I should study right now to get ahead? I have written down some meds to research and I will be researching assessment stuff. I feel like I could use so much help with my nursing history and physical assessment. So any help with that would be awesome too! Thanks in advance!
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    I am in OB right now. Psych was last semester. With psych study your therapeutic communication techniques. In OB study newborn assessment and the stages of labor. Now about Pitocin and its importance in labor and delivery. Erythromycin for the newborn eyes. Learn why Vitamin K is given to newborns after birth. A lot to know with OB but doable.
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    I agree study OB, that class was my hardest so far. I never ever want to see OB again, ugh.
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    Thanks for your feedback Isabellah! Very helpful!
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    Please keep the help coming! I can use all that I can get!