Need help with DARP charting

  1. How would I chart this scenario using DARP? "The patient is diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease. He has a painful cold left foot that has been affecting him for about a month, and he is not ambulatory. The physician has ordered some X-rays to ensure nothing is broken. You enter his room to conduct a complete peripheral vascular assessment. There is an order for a sequential compression device to be applied when pt. is in bed until he is ambulatory (has not been applied yet). Initial vital signs are 37 C, 90 pulse, BP 130/150, respiratory rate 20/min, and O2 sat 92%. Left post tibial pulse is weaker than his right post tibial. Feet are cold to touch and appears to be some edema. Physicians told him to move feet around. An hour later, vital signs are same except pulse is now 80 bpm, BP is 125/50, O2 is 95%.

    I need at least two focuses within the DARP charting.
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