Need Help In Pathophysiology on Myocardial Infarction

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    Hi everyone...i really need help in explaining a diagram i just found... i cant understand why

    necrosis>>>unaerobic metabolism>>>lactic acid formation>>>chestpain/muscle spasm>>>M.I.

    necrosis>>>release of lysozomal enzyme>>>altered depolarization>>>altered Repolarization>>>M.I.

    necrosis>>>decrease myocardial contractility>>>decrease cardiac output>>>Renal Ischema/Oliguria>>> M.I.

    i want to trace its pathophysiology and im really confused with this one please help me thanks a lot

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    MI = death of the myocardium. There is a plaque or clot that blocks the artery supplying a certain area of myocardium. As per the diagram, that leads to hypoxia and tissue necrosis. That leads to anerobic metabolism, lactate production, arrhythmias. The damaged myocardium cannot pump as well as it used to, so you get reduction in cardiac output, and compromised kidney perfusion.

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