Music Therapy Teaching Project in a SNF

  1. I am in the middle of my first semester of nursing school. We have a project coming up where we have to educate the resident's of a SNF about something. My group has chosen to do music therapy. Has anyone ever done anything like this and/or can anyone think of anything FUN, that will stand out. Any good interactive songs for the older adult to get them moving a bit, even if it's just their arms!

    Any ideas are welcomed! Thought maybe this would be a good place to try and get some creative ideas. So far my group wants to make CD's for each resident. I was thinking how fun would it be to get them one of those recorders and play along. IDK!!

    Ideas welcomed!

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  3. by   Mike R
    During our SNF rotation, another student and I got to sing and play the guitar for the residents for about an hour. We played everything from the Beetles to Credence Clear Water. They sang and clapped along the entire time. Now this place does music time for 30 mins daily, but it's with songs like Row Row Row Your Boat.... At least it's a start