Infantile Spasms

  1. 0 Has anyone worked with an infant who has infantile spasms? Just wondering what I can expect.

    Any ideas about interventions that nurses do for the spasms?
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    Yes. There is nothing you can do as a nurse for infantile spasms other than monitor the patient during the spasms and keep the patient safe. Infantile spasms are quick but typically happen repeatedly. I've seen a baby spasm 40 times or so in under a minute.

    The bulk of nursing interventions for infantile spasms involve education with the parents.

    The tried and true treatment for infantile spasms is a one month long course of IM ACTH. There are a LOT of considerations when putting a baby on this drug. Look up this drug and its use for infantile spasms and tell me what you think. I worked inpatient pedi neurology for 5 years and now do pediatric home care... have cared for patients with infantile spasms in both environments.

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