Hypotension care plan help

  1. 0 HELP, HELP, HELP!!! Please?!? doing a careplann a patient who was admitted with a diagnosis of hypotension, and I have found little to no information about this. Maybe it's me, but I am confused about the patho among other things. He also has a diagnosis of anemia, diabetes, and depression. I think I have everything else covered, except for hypotension. If anyone can help with the hypotension patho, nursing diagnosis, as well as assessments, interventions, etc. I would be extremely grateful. I have never had a patient with this before, usually it is hypertension and I am soooo frustrated. I want to do well and be prepared when I go in to ake care of him tommorow but I am feeling pretty insecure at this point.

    Thanks in advance for any replies....
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    both reference include the pathophysiology:
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