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    Hi, I am a nursing student, and I cannot find much information on MRSA. I'm trying to write a pre-clinical worksheet before tomorrow and one of the questions is "identify two client alb or diagnositc tests that are significant to this patient." I can't think of anything. I was thinking a blood test to test for infection in other parts of the body other than skin, but im not sure? If anyone can help, i would appreciate it!! Thanks so much!!

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    I was thinking of a culture...then I found this article
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    Blood cultures, nasal swab and urine culture for MRSA is important as it may only be present in one of these systems and would be missed if all 3 cultures are not obtained.

    Hope this helps!
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    Depending on the individual patient, of course, a wound culture may be valuable as well. I would also want to see the CBC with diff.

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