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Having a Hard Time with abbreviations

  1. 0 I just completed my first day of clinical and am starting my care plan and came across the abbreviation under diet "CCHO/NAS/Mech. Soft" I figured out NAS and Mech. Soft but even my instructor did not know CCHO and the nurses were not much help today...actually most were not helpful at all and really did not want us there even though they laughed when we were called to care for all bed changes and and incontence clean-ups. All I can say is I did it with a smile on my face, treated the patients with as much care and consideration as I would want in the same situation. ANYWHO what does CCHO mean!!?? thank you
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    My first thought is that it stands for carb counting. Not sure though
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    That could be it! I guess I should have added some details..Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Renal Failure and HTN.

    I have been around the medical world for a few years and am running into some "creative charting abbreviations" and some of the WORST handwriting, which makes this process even more difficult than I could ever imagine.

    thanks for your quick reply
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    CCHO is controlled or consistent carbohydrate i'm pretty sure...think it MIGHT have something to do with the Alkaline-Ash diet...don't quote me on that but check behind me...I'm pretty sure that's what it is...
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    maybe ccho stands for complex carbohydrate?
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    The attached link will satisfy the answer to your question

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    Thank you so much! This will make things much easier in evaluating and writing my care plan.
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    I was going to say CCHO is Concentrated Carbohydrates until you said the patient was diabetic.
    NAS is No Added Salt
    Mech. Soft is Mechanical Soft.
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    CCHO consistent or controlled carbohydrate.