Fundamentals of Nursing 7th, Potter

  1. I just began nursing school last month. I have been going through the chapters mostly studying the boxes, figures, bold definitions, important things we need to know for our exam, etc. As my lecture teacher told us to go through since she knows we aren't going to read word for word since we have 300+ pages to cover for our first exam. Is there a better way to study the material ? I've been going through the NCLEX type-questions at the end of the chapters & the evolve site.. I was wondering are there anymore helpful tips to get me more prepared for exams ???? My brain is fixing to EXPLODE.
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  3. by   Deredain
    My classmates and I are struggling with the "how to study" dilemma as well. We have 20 chapters on the first test and only 50 questions that are supposed to be NCLEX style questions. She gave us some things to focus on but they aren't the entire test.

    What was explained to me is that we need to know concepts and how to apply them. Critical thinking utilizing the material that we have gone over. This is not the type of test that you can memorize like A&P or chemistry.

    I wish I had more specifics for you, but I hope that helps in some small way. Good luck!
  4. by   littlerayofsunshine
    You're on the right track. Our instructor like to give us questions based on info in those boxes. Focus on what the nurse would do in any given situation. That will likely be the nature of the exam questions, so think about assessments, interventions, goals, outcomes. Using the practice questions in the book and on the website is a great idea. Our instructors often threw a few of those questions on the exam. Also, if your school uses the ATI books, I would go over the chapters in the Fundamentals book as well.

    Good luck!
  5. by   aquarius04
    I'm so glad you made this post I was just worrying about this exact issue! I'm scared because it isn't like A&P or any other science class I've taken. I think I'm going to do what most people have said..know the major concepts, practice as mean questions I can get my hands on and apply the concepts.
  6. by   ADN2B
    Test Success Test-taking techniques for Beginning Nursing Students, by Patricia Nugent and Barbara Vitale might be a helpful resource. Good luck!
  7. by   diana2520
    Dont freak out, does your intrusctor give a study guide. if so, my friends and i broke it down in half, it was four of us, if we have say about 40 questions, we would divide it in half and answer those questions reading those chapters ....when we met as a group we would give each other what each answered and go thru the questions together, each answering the question they concentrated on, include pg numbers so your friends would know where to go exactly, potter and perry is not a bad book we used it as well. i gave away my study guides i wish i had it, i would have shared. so i just thought to stop here and give my two cents, all the best
  8. by   RN4fun
    Go to the books website ( register for the student site then in the search box where it says "Get your online study material" type the name of the textbook and author, register for the resources. Then you will have access to alot of information for FREE for that text including chapter summaries, how to study for multiple choice tests, they even have more nclex style questions you can take that covers more of the chapter. My Fundamentals teacher took her test questions from the Perry and Potter test bank from this site so it was extremely helful!
  9. by   GamerGirL337
    I LOVE my potter and perry book! It comes in handy...all throughout your nursing student career!

    the BEST way to explain what YOU need to know as a student nurse, (to make studying easier) is study everything you need to know as a don't need to know every little thing as it applies to how the body works, and reasonings for that...what you need to know is Nursing Considerations, who, what, when, where and why you do something as a nurse. Thats whats going to be on the NCLEX, THAT what your teachers are going to test you on, and THATS what you will need to know, and will remember forever.

    Definitions come in handy, but don't focus on EVERY single definition in the book, your not going to use 90% of them (at least we don't)

    Another thing to look at, that all our teachers tell us to study...Chapter objectives, and Key points, (found at the beginning of the chapter and the end of the chapter) as well as the NCLEX questions at the end of every chapter...

    Go to the Evolve website and do the NCLEX preparation exam questions for each chapter you are studying...

    ALSO! if you are going over something specific, there are a LOT of nice, neat little tables set up throughout the book that lay out steps, orders, and general principles of certain nursing points/ideas...use them to your advantage! don't just skip over them!!!

    I did all of what I just said, never read 100's of pages every week (impossible!) and passed by a large margin! sure knowing everything in that book would be great, but its impossible to read everything they want you to every week!
  10. by   CyclicalEvents
    Here are some review materials that cover key concepts you should know.
  11. by   msg88
    Thank you everyone for the tips and insights! Hopefully it serves me well, it's just so overwhelming! Also CyclicalEvents... I have a Mac so how can I open that document 'rar' ?
  12. by   CyclicalEvents
    download winrar
  13. by   msg88
    Thank you! It worked!