Etiology vs. Risk Factors of stress? Etiology vs. Risk Factors of stress? | allnurses

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Etiology vs. Risk Factors of stress?

  1. 0 Hello, fellow nursing students! Hopefully, some of you upperclassmen or RN's can help me out here. I'm in my second quarter of a nursing program and we're working on our care plans using the nursing process tool. There is a page where we have to list the Medical Diagnosis/Physiological Stressor of Stress. Within this is a place to list the Etiology/Risk Factors. I understand the the etiology is the cause, and the risk factors are what predisposes a person to developing a given condition. Under Etiology for stress, I put "Nursing School (haha), chronic pain, inadequate financial support, time management problems, sudden life change, and illness." My instructor crossed those out and wrote "Developmental, structural, spiritual, emotional." Hmm.. I don't understand!

    I am going to talk to her about it next class time, but this is really bothering me. What is the etiology of stress, anyway? I would love to hear your insight!