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    OK the question is:
    A med is ordered 2mg/m2 for a child who weighs 50lbs and is 43 inches tall. Calculate the dosage.

    So this is what I've got:
    43x50/3131 and then sq rt is which is 0.83m2. Multiple 0.83m2 x 2mg=1.66mg.
    The instructors answer is 1.17mg. Myself and another student have both gotten 1.66 and not sure where the 1.17mg came from....Anyone want to help? Is the 1.66 right and instrucotrs 1.17 wrong or did we miss a step?

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    Anyone else?? I have worked this several times....even if you use 22.7kgs and 109cm.....I get the same 1.66

    even if you cheat the BSA.... get the same answer. Check with your instructor
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    So turns out the instructor was wrong! Several students and I kept getting 1.66 and one emailed her, and yes 1.66 is the correct answer! Thanks Esme!
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    YOU're welcome

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