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Community/Public Health Nurse Interview Homework

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I am currently a senior in the School of Nursing at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. I have an assignment to interview (by phone or in person) a nurse who is currently working as an RN in the area of community health, home care, hospice, public health, or other non-hospital/non-nursing home/non-rehab facility. I am unsure of where to go to find a nurse that would meet this criteria. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is anyone who meets this criteria willing to allow me to interview them? The interview is a total of 9 questions. I appreciate your help!

    Thank you!

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    Call any of the aforementioned places and ask if there is a nurse available to speak with you.
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    I was looking for specific examples.
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    Call the CVS minute clinic's or free standing urgent cares your publice health department/elder services for your town/county. A local school public health nurse.