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  1. 0 Hi, I in my Fundamentals of Nursing course. I know the process of writing a care plan, but I would just like a lot of practice doing it. I need patient scenarios with the correct care plan to check to see if I'm accurate. I have the NIC, NOC, NANDA, and Nursing Diagnoses Handbook. Where can I go to find a ton of practice? Books or website suggestions? I checked the sticky thread and didn't find practice resources. Thanks for helping me. Brian

    P.S. I love Nursing School!!!!
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    Did you get a Fundamentals of Nursing Care book? It has a ton of care plans related to each diagnosis that you learn in that book. I don't know if all schools give that book or not? Ask your teachers for some they should be mre than happy to help!
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    I also have a Fundamentals of Nursing book. Will the "Care book" have multiple scenarios with correct care plans to check my work? My instructor offered only one. I would like to do 15-20 in order in gain experience before my extended care rotation.
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    Please Help. Thank you.
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    Would it help if I asked for sample case studies? I just want to practice, practice, practice.

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