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ATI Hygiene Module HELP!!

  1. 0 So I have done fairly well with majority of my ATI skills modules, then I hit the hygiene module. I am stuck on one question that me nor my classmates can figure out. The ATI review book nor our text goes into. PLEASE HELP!! It is a put in the correct order question on assisting a patient to a bath. The options are
    gather supplies, place the mat, assist the patient to the tub, instruct patient on how to use safety bars, instruct patient not to stay in the tub for longer than 20 minutes
    Please help us place these in the correct order.
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    moved to nursing student assistance.

    So what order do YOU think they should be in?
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    I thought it should go gather all supplies, place bath mat, instruct patient not to stay in longer than 20 minutes, instruct patient to use bars, assist patient.