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APA Question Regarding Reference List

  1. 0 Hello, everyone! I am unable to find the answer to this online, so I'm hoping that one of my fellow nurses can help out. I have an assignment in my RN to BS program (my last class!) in which I need to write a paper summarizing a nurse leadership meeting or conference attended.

    How do you cite such a meeting or conference in the reference list in APA format?

    Thank you for any help!
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    what specifically are you citing from the meeting/conference? Is it an unpublished paper that was presented, symposium, poster presentation, general discussion, etc? This might help a bit:
    APA Style Blog: How to Cite Materials From Meetings and Symposia
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    Thank you, 4boysmama--The meeting was regarding disaster planning for a LTC facility, and it involved department managers as well as county officials (fire, police, OEM, etc...). There was some discussion of statistical information for LTC facilities and compliance with federal regulations, DHS and CMS studies and recommendations, disaster planning checklists, etc...

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