Anyone have good medication case studies? Anyone have good medication case studies? | allnurses

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Anyone have good medication case studies?

  1. 0 I'm specifically looking for case studies where you are given a scenario and a list of meds, and as the RN you would have to see what orders should be questioned (like what meds are contraindicated with one another) based on all the different meds ordered, and the patient description provided in the scenario.
    I had a quiz that was similar to what I'm describing, and I failed it.
    Thank you!
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    You can find free case study questions by going to, searching for your pharmacology book in your program (mine uses Lilley Pharmacology and the Nursing Process 7th Edition), find the free one, click to register for the text book, and check out. In the home screen it will show you all the books you have. Simply click on one, click the chapter you want to review, click student resources, then click the prepare for exams link. You'll have to make an account if you don't already have one. That website comes in handy.
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    the link didn't work
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    Do a google search for evolve. It'll show up. Should be the first one in the results.