Accepted to BSN program!! What should I expect???

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    Hey everyone woohoo I just got accepted into ETSU's BSN program! I am wondering though what should I expect in my 1st semester? Here are my classes:
    NRSE 2020 Intro to Professional Nursing 3
    NRSE 2310 Communication for Health Professionals 2
    NRSE 2016 Pathophysiology: Concepts of Disease 4
    NRSE 2030 Health Assessment 4

    What exactly are all of these? What can I expect? I can not wait to start in the Fall!! Are any of these clinicals or where we get to practice any type of skills?
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    Anyone ?
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    Be prepared to be stressed out of your melon. Health assessment- where u learn to do focused & head to toe examsPatho-learn about disease processesComm-idkIntro- where u learn the history & ubėr dry material ab nursingIdk if you'll have clinical, ask ur advisors or email ur instructors!

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