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    This week my patient had a pathologic fracuture operated on. The chart just said Rt femoral nailing with synthes AMA GA. My instructor didn't even know what synthes means and I can't find anything online about that procedure. All I'm finding is techniques used under very long articles. Does anybody know what I could type in to help me find a better patho? Or what synthes AMA GA means?

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    I believe the doctor is referring to the type of nail used

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    Synthes is a company that makes medical appliances, specifically for skeletal fixation. This probably refers to the fixation device implanted.

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    Thank you! You guys are the bomb!
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    If you had access to the patient chart, you would have found the OR circulating nurse note with information on the patient, procedure, and hardware installed. This would have been your clue. Nursing happens in many places, not just on the floors.

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