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a little guidance on nursing diagnosis for premature infant

  1. 0 Hi,
    I've gotten myself all jacked up on nursing diagnosis for some reason. First year nursing student here. Sometimes struggling with nursing diagnosis's....

    I had a premature infant that did not have the sucking reflex and was being fed via nasogastric tube. I am not looking for entire nursing care plan....but would like advice:

    Is Altered nutrition related to difficulty of neonate to attach or suck secondary to prematurity a valid nursing diagnosis? I wonder because I am not allowed to use Risk for XXXX in my care plan ....but it seems it would be more of a risk for, because the issue is being addressed via nasogastric tube.

    ....Or is the feeding by nasogastric tube simply the intervention to the altered nutrition diagnosis. Hope I am explaining where my confusion lies clearly.

    I've asked my instructor but it's late....and I'm wondering if I could get guidance here before I "hear" back from her.....to get this done.

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    Maybe "Ineffective infant feeding pattern related to muscle weakness/hypotonia secondary to prematurity"....would be better fit?
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    Perhaps this will help, not specifically with this issue but with the mindset or focus needed:

    Health Assessment Resources, Techniques, and Forms
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    This may help as well (note request to not "borrow" for homework, but for stimulating thinking process ):

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    Our careplan says :
    Ineffective feeding patterns due to prematurity. Then add your interventions

    Nipple infant for x minutes 2x per day, gavage feed rest
    Follow appropriate labs
    Weight every 3 days
    Administer TPN/IL as ordered
    OT/PT consult