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12 hour shifts! OMG!! All that walking, standing, and sometimes running! Ive had Crocs, Regualr tennis shoes, Merrell running shoes... the list goes on!!! But what is the BEST nursing shoes to have... Read More

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    Merrells work for me. Danskos , I have tried, but for those of us who are "of size : lol, not too good when pts are sleeping. You can hear me coming a mile away.clop clop clop.I also have turned my ankles in them. Too bad, I like the variety.
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    I wear some Adidas sneakers, had em for a few years. I never leave work with sore feet.
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    Well, I guess Danskos are out for me: I have wide flat feet and bunions (I know everybody wanted to know how attractive my feet are).
    I thought about Danskos (because I am reaching the point of desperation with my feet and ankles) but they just don't look comfortable-- too heavy.
    Besides, I can't wear such a heavy shoe without looking like Frankenstein's Monster, ya know?
    I loved Nike and I have found I could actually toss them in the washer with a dollop of bleach and they would actually survive the ordeal... but they aren't working for me anymore
    I like Crocs because I can scrub them down with a Sani-wipe... but they aren't working for me anymore either!
    I think I've got a good case of arthritis and some neuropathy going on and I think I'm just going to have to accept the fact that I need a podiatrist, orthotics and... and... Grandma shoes!!!!
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    sanitas. original sole maker of danskos. went thru returning 10 pairs of shoes last year to zappos and three hours at a shoe specialty store. they aren't perfect but by far are the best for me. I did like the allegria's too, but made my feet soooo hot! my forefoot is wider than heel so clogs work and i got a little larger size and wear cushioned socks and they work fairly well.

    will try something else eventually but after 8 months of searching I just landed on these. I have trouble buying all kinds of shoes, not only for work.

    I do like cork soles for shoes as well...seem pretty comfy.
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    If you are on your feets for 12 hour shifts and have issues, SEE A GOOD PODIATRIST! When I worked 5 days a week in an INSANE urgent care I could not find shoes that worked for me. Sore feet every day until I went to a podiatrist....she did balance & walking tests and measured every inch of my feet and identified pressure points. A good foot doctor will be able to figure out what your needs are. Everyone is different, but a pro can accurately assess where the problem spots are and what's best. Seriously, I preach the podiatry gospel to every nurse I know!!!!!

    She had some custom orthotic insoles cut for me that protected my small toes and had a thicker area near heel for impact absorption. She told me flexibility and air circulation were crucial for me as I have flat, wide, bony caveman feet. (Other people need rigid, protective support, others might need pressure reduction on top of foot, etc - podiatrist can determine this for you). I picked the Reebok RealFlex, slid in my orthotic insole and a thin Odor Eaters insole over that and PRESTO - it's what SAVED my feet. I went back for follow ups and my feet were much better and she approved of the Reeboks. I bought a bunch in lots of colors.

    Now I work in an office environment in care management. I still have to walk a lot, a long trek through hallways & stairwells from my office to the clinic, but have to wear business clothes. Here's the thing: DANSKO HAS MORE STYLES THAN JUST THOSE HEAVY UGLY CLOGS!!!!! Find a store that sells their ENTIRE line and you'll be pleasantly surprised. They have some FEATHER weight, cute leather Mary Janes and even low kitten heel, vintage style shoes and simple flats. They all offer different kinds of support, again - KNOW what you need! I just bought the Ainsley pump - a lightweight flexible black leather Mary Jane that has the famous thick shock absorbing sole Dansko is known for. And they're FABULOUS!

    See a podiatrist and practice the prevention we are always trying to push on our patients!!!!!
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    I cannot wear Danskos for more than 6 hours. I had them YEARS ago when they were still made in Europe. I have very high arches so Danskos and Alegrias are out for me. I have been wearing Skechers D'Lites fro about 3 years and I love them. I can do 12 hours and they have them w/o laces which allow for swelling of my feet at the end of the day. I would rather spend 45-50 dollars every 6 months and have happy feet. I have broken both ankles and have torn tendons in my left foot; cut tendon on right shin and can still work pain free in those.
    I would love to be able to wear the Alerias, they have some really cool shoes, but I get to save my money and spend it on purses
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    Footprints.com lets you try shoes out for a while, and they carry Berks and Dansko for sure. I think also Algeria (Alegria? can't remember). Great company and really good trial policy.
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    I wear "nursemates" I LOVE THEM. They are so light and it feels like you haven nothing on. I have tried Danskos, however, I have high arches and they hurt my feet rather than help them. I own many nursemates and they are reasonably priced. They come in a variety of colors and prints, I've had many compliments about them too. Good luck, of course I also wear my New Balance sneakers from time to time, they are also comfortable.
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    Fellow military (specifically Army) nurses: Nike combat boots or Danners. Winter Bellevilles aren't a bad choice either.

    Be sure to avoid summer Bellevilles unless you 1) enjoy massive, possibly septic blisters or 2) already have house-sized callouses built up on the backs of your feet. Perhaps I'm just lucky enough to have the right foot shape to make them uncomfortable, but MAN, are they uncomfortable!
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    Danskos. You can't wear them to dance though...
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    I wore Danskos for a while and starting having ankle issues - felt like all my cartilage was gone! Switched to Alegria's and they are terrific...saving for a second pair!
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    Dankos, hands down!!!!
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    I have arthritis in my great toes. So far the only shoes that make my feet smile are Sketchers shape ups, I use the non skid 'work' style. The soles on these shoes are very stiff so my aching piggys don't get flexed very much. Besides that pain saving trait, the shoes are very comfy and the soles have a great deal of 'give' and are like walking on a cloud. They seem to last quite well, maybe about 9 months to a year on a pair.