Trying to decide between these two cardiac stethoscopes

  1. 0 I will be working on a med/surg floor that also has tele patients and sometimes will be cross-training in the ER. I was told that most of the patients are geriatrics on the floor, but I'm not sure about the ER. Have narrowed down stethoscopes to either the Littmann Cardiology III or the Master Cardio. I always have had a hard time hearing with my old Littmann Classic II and felt maybe I was slightly hard of hearing. Is the acoustic quality much better with the master cardio over the classic III? I'm just wondering if you can still use that one on pediatrics and to hear carotid bruits?
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    Pass on both and get yourself an Ultrascope Classic
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    My husband surprised me with the Littman Cardiology III scope for Christmas.. I absolutely love it. You can hear everything, everything! Softer murmurs are easily heard, fine crackles at the bases are loud. Haven't had a chance to listen for a crated bruit yet, but I'm pretty sure you'd be able to hear it. Good luck!

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