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I can't stand this, 1 it is discusting, and 2 it is unprofessional! :nono: I was leaving my shift and one of the night shift nurses had on really light pink nursing scrubs with a thong, I really... Read More

  1. by   pedicurn
    I really don't care what sort of underwear my coworkers have on.....
    however I don't want to see it.
    To anyone who doesn't know yet...just to reiterate ....BUFF is the way to go under white.
  2. by   pihlaja
    Aside from the pages and pages of comments on just underwear, what I find amusing is the vehement opposition to going in the buff. Personally, I find a life sans-skivvies to be wonderful. I wear a bra; I don't feel the need to wear underwear. I have my limits! If something is so thin that it's akin to wearing nothing at all and certain light angles could leave me *ahem* exposed, then I've got my trusty pantyhose to see me through.

    That said, I agree that underwear--if worn--should not be seen. For the love of Pete, do a bend-over test before you walk out the door! I would rather see a panty line, however, than someone's neon green thong as they bend over. For the people that get bent out of shape about simple ol' panty lines, in the words of my grandfather, "At least you know she's wearing them!"
  3. by   nene1971
    o my fav is a co worker who wears undies with big words on the butt lol. You don't want to look but you want to see what they say!!!!
  4. by   NurseSuzann
    Well I dont think it should be done, for one thing, a thong while working doesn't seem comfortable, but if it doesnt show, and nobody knows, who cares? Maybe your co-worker was having a "rush and cant find any proper laundry" day
  5. by   Roy J.
    I have a small family practice with handful of employees. My one employee, she's 28, quite frequently has thong exposures. She has more thong issues than my youngest employee/receptionist. My staff has the freedom to wear whatever color scrubs they want. At least 3-4 times a week I see her thong; sitting at her desk, bending over filing, etc. I should buy stock in Victoria's Secrets since all of her thongs have that written on the waistband. Her thongs are never white, beige or black. They are a variety of colors and designs. I've spoken to my more experienced employee/older woman to see what approach would be best. She thinks I should not bring it up in conversation; to avoid any type of sexual harassment complaint. So far this week I've seen a pink & white striped thong, a white thong with multi-colored polka dots, a teal blue thong and a white thong with blue & yellow flowers. I haven't received any complaints from patients so I just let it be.
  6. by   P-medic2RN
    sounds like to me roy, you are having fun at work this week.
  7. by   BeentheredonethatRN
    THONGS ! - DID SOMEONE SAY THONGS ? Send those nurses over here . Heck, it makes the day go by easier. The guys I know love to see them while still maintaining professionalism . I like checkin out the chartreuse green or the fluorescent orange . No matter what size woman lol