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I can't stand this, 1 it is discusting, and 2 it is unprofessional! :nono: I was leaving my shift and one of the night shift nurses had on really light pink nursing scrubs with a thong, I really... Read More

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    That's hilarious, "butt floss"! LOL
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    A friend of mine finally explained thongs to me in a way that makes sense. She said that no matter what underwear she wore, they were going to crawl up her behind. She asked me if I'd rather have three inches of fabric or a whole yard of fabric up my butt.

    The worst underwear snafu that I've heard about was a male student wearing a zebra striped banana hammock under white that's a bad choice!
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    I haven't read the replies, but I think that the color of one's panties shouldn't be seen through the pants, whether they be thongs, or granny panties (hope I didn't offend anyone). I say, if you're comfortable in thongs @ work, and nobody can see your panties, go for it. But I just can't imagine working a 12+ hr shift, scrubbed in surgery, with the heat turned up (because the pt is cold) in thongs. I'll pass. I wear scrubs @ work, and I want to feel comfortable, even down to the underwear.
    I reserve thongs for off the clock activity, when I'm wearing party dresses, and panty lines are inappropriate.
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    The worst underwear snafu that I've heard about was a male student wearing a zebra striped banana hammock under white that's a bad choice![/quote]

    Now that's hilarious!!
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    If it's obvious you're wearing a thong, there's a problem. I really don't care what kind of undies the staff wears, as long as it doesn't say "look at me" Class, style, professionism, good taste. Whatever tag you want to apply should dictate what apparel is worn to work. Underneath and on top. I think that would apply to any profession.
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    Commando/thong is the norm with jeans...but I'll take nice cotton anything under scrubs be it grannies, boy shorts, etc. just to keep my booty warm.
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    if you was able to see seems very unprofessional...
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    Agree with Rachelone. Regardless of your choice of undie - many (me included back when) did not even realize undies were visible through the scrubs due to difference in lighting between home and the workplace, the fact that when you work a morning shift, you are getting dressed in the dark since the rest of the household is still asleep, and when you work a night shift, well you may be getting dressed in the dark because everyone else has gone to bed for the night, and just being blissfully unaware that even white shows through (consider the nude color instead when wearing lighter pants).
    Sometimes all it takes is a gentle "Did you know you were showing?"
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    Seriously? I think way too many people are wasting way too much time contemplating other peoples panty lines (or lack there of).Seriously, if you prefer a thong or panty, it doesn't matter. Just make sure that they match the color pants you are wearing. If you are wearing a light or white colored pant, wear nude or beige underpants (thong or not). If you are wearing black or navy or dark red or purple, you can wear any color or pattern your heart desires. It is not brain surgery people. And if by chance you see a pattern or something from someone's panty. Who cares? Don't you have more important things to deal with? Geesh!
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    This thread makes me chuckle. I don't care what you're wearing but I don't want to see it (or hear about it) either!

    Though we did recently have a girl on our unit get in trouble after a patient (male!) complained that he could see her thong through her white scrub bottoms. Management had a chat with her and she was upset because according to her, *cough* as a thin and beautiful girl, thongs are not only sexy, but appropriate for her to wear and management shouldn't be telling her she can't wear them. Of course, they don't care if she wears thongs and neither did the patient, he just didn't want to look at it. Maybe seeing a more traditional panty wouldn't have upset him enough to complain but the thong certainly did.

    I really don't think it's asking too much that the color and style of my undergarments remain unknown to patients and staff while I'm at work.
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    Our 50ish Infection Control RN wears thongs with her tight white pants. Gives everyone something to look at
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    I have never really noticed other people's drawers. I am cool as long as I do not glimpse butt crack....*retches*

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    Stay out of it, guy. Stay out of it.

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