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I can't stand this, 1 it is discusting, and 2 it is unprofessional! :nono: I was leaving my shift and one of the night shift nurses had on really light pink nursing scrubs with a thong, I really... Read More

  1. by   IckuRN
    I have the ultimate solution to the nasty thong v/s flabby panty line issue...commando!
  2. by   ElvishDNP
    Quote from IckuRN
    I have the ultimate solution to the nasty thong v/s flabby panty line issue...commando! thanks.
  3. by   BlueRidgeHomeRN
    Quote from elvish thanks.
    the word that leaps to mind is...ick!

    i'd rather be spared the view of "skid marks" on the outside someone's scrubs, thanks.
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  4. by   danissa
    Oh blueridge...thats a gross image!
  5. by   gardengirl08
    As long as it can't be seen you should be able to wear what ever you feel like wearing. I personally do not like them and think they are uncomfortable. It is not up to me to tell someone what they are comfortable in. But as far as having to see them I think it is unprofessional and inappropriate. Wear nude colored for goodness sakes. Those are difficult to notice no matter the color of scrubs unless they are think white scrubs. Gardengirl08
  6. by   Gesundheit
    I can't imagine wearing pants light, or tight enough to show off my undies, regardless of style.
  7. by   Beijos
    Ok, I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this because I have not read all of the posts and don't plan on it either but some people keep mentioning that thongs feel like you have a constant wedgie. Ok? have all these people had a thong on for a total of a minute their whole life? Yes the first minute or two you notice the thong but after that no. Also....if anything gives you a wedgie that would be regular underwear. I mean honestly....haven't you seen the hanes commercial with the girl MD from scubs on it?...yep those are granny panties she's speaking of. So although I agree that in any way if the thong is showing it is unprofessional and distasteful.....thongs are perfectly ok to wear to work if you cannot see them. I personally find it probably equally as gross to see underwear lines because generally I end up seeing ill fitting underwear on people. I've never noticed it at work though. Sounds as though the way I feel about seeing granny panties is the same way people feel when they don't see a line. Either question is where are you all working where you are able to be so observant of pantylines? J/K
  8. by   mlolsonny
    I personally call people on it if I can see their undies through light-colored pants, or their thong above their waistband. Most of our staff know that if they've made and undie faux pas, Shelly will comment on it. Can't count the number of times I've walked into our SNF's dining room and asked a staff to either pull their shirt down or their pants up. Low-rise pants are not good for a lot of people! No one wants to see your undies OR your butt crack!
  9. by   BabyLady
    I don't think that thongs should be worn if it's obvious you are wearing a thong.

    If you can see the color of it, the outline of shouldn't wear's very unprofessional.

    Some light color scrubs or those on people that fit tight across the rear, need to wear regular panties...if you invest in good, quality panties, you won't see a panty-line.

    Cheap ones, always leaves a panty line.
  10. by   morte
    what i want to know, from those who wear thongs, is why do you bother? why not just go commando and be done with it?
  11. by   RochesterRN-BSN
    As long as the nurse isn't wearing dark panties or thongs under light scrubs-- it's really not any one elses business what underwear a person chooses to wear--the is America the god sakes!!!
  12. by   AirforceRN
    Ahhh, its so good to be a guy. We generally don't wear pants tight enough to show offf lines or lack thereof.
    From my perspective...I don't care what you wear...I don't care if I see panty lines, hey its underwear, we all wear it. I don't care if you want to wear a thong. Your butt, your business.
    One thing I don't like to see is a pair of scrubs that are too tight in the front and show "definition".
    As for the commando thing....two words...."Pubic Fallout" Yes, I realize guys get this too, even with boxers...but its just not the same.
  13. by   Ciale
    Dang. If you guys can see panty lines, you need a bigger size pair of scrubs. Scrubs are supposed to be loose fitting.