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I can't stand this, 1 it is discusting, and 2 it is unprofessional! :nono: I was leaving my shift and one of the night shift nurses had on really light pink nursing scrubs with a thong, I really can't believe this. It really... Read More

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    This thread makes me
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  2. 0 why do any of us care what underwear someone is wearing. if the underwear are affecting patient care then I say its a problem but if not...why are we looking at these people's bottoms???
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    Quote from cpnegrad07
    Just curious: why would anyone wear a thong? I'm happy they do, i'm happy women wear high heels, but i wouldn't if i were a woman. So, not to get too far off topic, but why do they?
    No matter what style of underwear I get, it migrates into a wedgie. I have one of those butt shapes that just won't hold fabric. Swimsuits are pretty much a no-go -- I opt for swim shorts.

    Quote from justme1972
    I spent my whole life trying to keep my underwear out of my butt...
    Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

    Quote from ERTraumaJunkie
    Your butt cheeks jiggle when you move much more than someone wearing traditional panties. There is no support.
    Another reason to continue adding weight to my squats

    Quote from IckuRN
    I have the ultimate solution to the nasty thong v/s flabby panty line issue...commando!
    Women have a thing called vaginal discharge. If it aint going on the panties, where's it going to... Eew. No! Terrible suggestion.

    Quote from morte
    what i want to know, from those who wear thongs, is why do you bother? why not just go commando and be done with it?
    I have to wonder what kind of judgmental thoughts you've made in your head to even begin to think why "comando" would even be an option in any of our minds.
    Last edit by justiceforjoy on Aug 22, '09 : Reason: I'm being nice, I'm being nice.
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    i think thongs are ok so long as u wear black or nude color under white pants so that way no one will see them at all .. its better than seeing someone's white cotton underwear which is waaaayyy more noticeable..
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    Underwear is underwear and I don't want to see it PERIOD whether it be panties, thongs, boxers, etc. As long as the color is appropriately chosen, then why does it matter what type of underwear you wear? I mean, what is the difference with seeing hot pink panties under white scrubs and hot pink thongs under white scrubs? IMO both scenarios are inappropriate!!!! Your underwear should not be noticeable by any means, regardless of the type of underwear you wear!!!!!! When in doubt, wear flesh colored underwear.
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    The problem is not the thongs's not being aware of how underwear looks under thin scrubs that are light in color.
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    Quote from BabyLady
    The problem is not the thongs's not being aware of how underwear looks under thin scrubs that are light in color.
    Thongs = The Devil's Floss
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    Quote from AirforceRN
    Your butt, your business.
    This line made me LOL!
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    a thong can't be worse than visible panty lines...yuck.

    as long as no whale tail is showing and the scrub pants aren't white, why should this even be an issue?
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    okay so what to wear that won't be noticeable under these white pant scrubs? newbie here! I was told white thermals, but NO! I can see my little girl designs through two pairs of pants... now I'm opting for a nude spanx.... Or about to sew on another layer under these see through white pants.

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