Scrub Bottoms for Males

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    For two years, I have battled with strange-fitting Landau scrub bottoms; I'm graduating in 8 days, and I want, nay, demand scrub bottoms that fit!

    I have the Landau bottoms with two normal pockets, one back pocket, and a zippered-fly. My problem: When the drawstring is tightened, the zipper bulges forward, giving a rather awkward appearance to the front-and-center portion of my scrub pants. In nursing school, I've said "Screw it, I'm only here for a short time and I'll just deal with it!". But now, I want scrub pants without this problems. Being a guy, the zippered-fly is very convenient; but, I don't want to give coworkers and patients the wrong impression!

    So, male scrub pants with AT LEAST two pockets, possibly a zipper, and no embarrassment! Ideas?

    (I'm laughing at myself as I type this post, so you're allowed to laugh to...IF you provide suggestions!)

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