Question for Koi Wearers

  1. Hello-

    I have heard great things about Koi and am about to try them for myself, but have a question. Do the 100% cotton tops shrink with laundering or are they pre-shrunk? I am using their size chart to determine size to order, as several of you have commented that you wear a larger size in Koi (probably due to junior sizing), but didn't know if I need to allow for shrinkage. I am so excited to get and wear my Koi scrubs and don't want to have to exchange them for size or pay for additional shipping to send them back. Any help that you can provide, would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   arciedee
    I have one of the 100% cotton tops and it seems to be about the same size before and after it went in the wash.
  4. by   FabulousGirl
    I love the Koi brand as well, but they do run really small. I bought mine one size over, thinking it would be enough, but it was still too small. Ah well, all the more incentive to lose weight, I guess. The pants are extremely comfy though.
  5. by   squee-gee
    Definitely need to buy at least 1-2 sizes larger than usual, unless you are a teeny-tiny 18 year old. This is my only complaint about the company - I love the styles and the fabric is super comfy. They advertise as being "junior fit" - not sure why, but there you are. Good news is they don't seem to shrink at all.
  6. by   NikkiRN_BSN
    I like to try things on so I shop in store rather than online. I have several of the tops and I just bought some pants. I need the pants to shrink a little so I threw those in the dryer and I am crossing my fingers. I have been warned, every time I purchase Koi, not to dry the tops because they will shrink. That being said I did dry one on accident and it seems to be ok.
  7. by   PICNICRN
    I LOVE this brand! To answer your question, I agree that they do run on the smaller size(maybe just true to size and not bigger like other brands). I have found that their size chart is right on. That being said, I NEVER dry my Koi scrubs in the drier and I have found no shrinkage or fading.
  8. by   missninaRN
    Mine haven't shrunk so much that they don't fit. I just have to use a steam iron to stretch them back to the original size.
    I wear a medium in Urbane so I ordered large in the Koi scrubs because I had heard that they run small, but they were huge and I ended up trading them for mediums.
    My only complaint is that the tall pants aren't very long. They seem more like an average inseam to me.
  9. by   newohiorn
    My actual Koi scrub top didn't shrink but I bought the one that came with a long-sleeved shirt underneath and that long-sleeved shirt shrunk to about Barbie sized when I laundered it.
  10. by   momtojosh
    OMG!! I love this brand!! I have 6 pairs of the cargo scrubs......umm..funny...i thought they ran big.......i have sm p and they are still sory of baggy.....and i am not a the tops too........
  11. by   quetepye
    I'm with momtojosh on this one - I wear a S-M but the cargo pants? LOVE them but even the XS is a little baggy. As for the tops? Some fit fine and some fit tiny. I'm wondering if the brand just isn't consistent? The styles are just too cute though...
  12. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Have they changed their sizing in the last year because I order extra smalls and they are baggy on me and I have to hem them. I wish they fit more like the Dickies Hip Flip. I keep ordering them though because I love them anyways! . They are not the most affordable scrubs, but they are certainly cute and are made well. They are much more affordable when they go on sale.
  13. by   BotanicalBath
    Koi are one my favorite brands of the scrubs. The pants are slim though the hips and legs, so I buy a size larger but the top I need to go 2 sized up from my "usual size". I think they are made of much nicer fabric than most and wash without fading much... even washing them once a week.