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    I've recently started applying for my first CNA job, I am currently waiting for my background check to come back at one facility and if that goes well (which I know it will) I was offered a part time job 3-11 shift. I just wore white sneakers for my training course and hated them, they were so uncomfortable. I was just wondering shoes would be good.
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    Well I have been a nurse for 5 years doing 12 hour shift's. I have found 2 types of shoes that I rotate between. The Dansko's are a really great nursing clog, a little getting used to is in order as they are a bit heavy. But once you get used to them they are great.

    The next shoe is a fairly new one for me. I like the scketcher's shape up's. Again a little getting used to is in order b/c of there shape but they are awesome.

    Another thing that I would recomend besides the shoes is having at least 2 different pairs to rotate between, wearing the same shoe for a long periods of time no matter what type of shoe will cause your feet to hurt.

    Good luck

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